Best Shopping Centers in London

London is truly a shopper’s paradise. The city offers a wide array of shopping places that are simply amazing and meet the preferences of almost every shopper. In order to know more about the best shopping places in London, just take a look at the following list.

Westfield Stratford City Shopping Center

This is the largest shopping center in the whole of Europe. You can find almost every brand under one roof including Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, Prada, and Gucci. Besides the brands, there is a massive food court, which gives you plenty of options to satisfy your taste buds. Moreover, accessing this shopping center is easy, as you can reach there by taking a bus ride, or hopping onto a tube.


Located at Kensington’s main shopping street, this shopping facility offers something for everyone. It is the best place for diverse shoppers. The character of this shopping arena changes as you move down the street. You can find all the national and international brands, which makes it a perfect place to get some best deals.

N1 Shopping Centre

It’s a small yet amazing shopping center that serves the purpose well. The N1 shopping center has cinemas, plenty of shops, and chain store. It is an ideal place if you are looking for some best deals. You can buy awesome kitchen gadgets and jewelry at Gill Wing. Besides, Dinny Hall and Stephen Einhorn, French Connection, and Chapel Market are some of the other options that you can explore.

Old Spitalfields Market

If you are looking for a great place to shop at the weekends, Spitalfields Market is the best option. This place renders a festive look during weekends, allowing you to enjoy its vibrant feel and bustling environ. You can hang out with your friends at the coffee shops and food court. There is a huge mix of shops, including cool and affordable local designer stores, as well as some popular brands.


Bluewater is located in Kent, at the edge of the capital. It is a popular spot for shoppers during Christmas. You can literally spend the whole day at this place, as it offers a lot of recreational activities for the kids and adults.

It has its own skating rink and winter wonderland. In fact, this shopping center serves as the best place for the family to hang out and spend some quality time. With over 300 stores, this is the best place to fuel the passion for your shopping craze.

Brent Cross

Located in North West London, Brent Cross shopping center is a must visit place if you are in London. Being inaugurated in 1976, it is the oldest shopping center in the UK. It served as a famous shopping facility in the late seventies and it is still the most visited shopping place in the capital.

Especially, when it comes to Christmas shopping, there is nothing more festive and heartwarming than the Brent cross. There are over 2000 brands and 120 independent shops that are more than sufficient to quench your thirst for shopping.

Oxford Street

It is one of the busiest shopping streets in London. It bustles with shoppers at Christmas, which makes your shopping more thrilling and enjoyable. Selfridges, Marks and Spencer’s, John Lewis are some of the jewels in the crown or Oxford Street. This street also has small store chains and independent shops. Presence of gourmet bars and restaurants, adds more flavor to your shopping.